Sunday, February 26, 2017

One BIG Reason Why

No matter how bullet-proof and perfect you think your resume may be – if you’re invited to interviews but failing to reach the next step, there is likely a very good reason as to why and it is a most important aspect many people overlook.
But first, accept the fact that once you find yourself seated opposite a hiring manager in an interview, your resume has served its purpose and it’s from that point forward, up to you to propel yourself to the next stage and beyond – it’s yours to win or lose.
Here’s a question: “Why should someone hire you”? Can you readily answer this question, do it with confidence – and mean it? If you can’t, then quite possibly you’re just going through the motions and this may be a big reason you’re not getting anywhere or seeing the results you want. But don’t fret too much because at least you’ve identified something you can influence and remedy.
You see, your primary task in an interview is to demonstrate why you are a better choice than the others from whom to choose. Your resume only got you in the door and it is but one component of the hiring process. Hey, I’ve witnessed people with poor resumes who are confident and effective interviewers; they seem to glide through the process and often get a job offer.
Your ability to communicate effectively during interviews is the biggest component and your primary task, as far as I’m concerned. So for the many who rely upon a lifeless piece of paper to get a job for them, this simply isn’t an effective strategy. 
So here it is – indeed, have a good and well-prepared resume. But more important, know how to bring that paper to life, making it emblematic of you as a candidate under consideration, among others. Then sensibly but effectively demonstrate why you are their best choice – it really can be this easy. Confidence is a big part of it but to be confident you must be prepared and it calls for more than a good resume.