Monday, February 25, 2013

What Gets a Person Hired? Pt II


Indeed, the resume might get their attention and get you in the door, but that’s it, then what? Sadly, this is where the proactive efforts of most people and their preparations end. So resume aside, I see two primary areas in which you can improve and seek to master. One area involves the process, as in the structure and navigation of the interview, and the second aspect is you. Understanding the process and being better prepared is indeed important and we talk about that stuff on this blog. Although, navigating the process is still dependent on your reaction to the steps when they occur, so it comes down to you; look in the mirror. I cannot stress enough the importance of developing and mastering your interpersonal communication skills.  

Communicating isn’t about talking, a lot of people talk but don’t say much. With a critical eye, ask yourself how comfortable and confident you are with your own abilities, can you: 

  • Convincingly present your experience, accomplishments and why you are suitable for the job?
  • Express yourself, explain and demonstrate in a cogent manner?
  • Communicate in a manner that will elicit interactive conversation?
  • Formulate and deliver coherent questions for the information you want?

Don’t dismiss the importance of developing and maintaining your ability to communicate especially when you are trying to convince someone why they should hire you. Notice, these skills have nothing to do with academia, credentials and it costs little more than an investment of personal time and an interest to improve. You don’t learn this stuff in school, they aren’t equipped for it. These are skills you learn either by making an effort or by trial and error over the course of years, as most people do. But why fumble along so that, by the time you figure it out, your career is in the waning years? Take charge of your career by taking charge of yourself; make a commitment to improve yourself so that you are a formidable participant of the interview process and not merely a victim of it. In the effort to improve your chances for getting hired, do you want to have more control over your fate? Then work on that which you can most influence. And keep visiting this blog or (here comes a shameless marketing ploy) refer to my book. 

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